Cool ‘Identity Search’ Tools for Social Web

(1) yoName

Extremely simple to use and rather fast profile search tool. Lets you search by (1) email ID, (3) username or (3) by First, Last or Full name on all major Social Networking websites except for Facebook (MySpace, LinkedIn, Friendster, Windows Live Spaces, Digg, Match, Xanga, YouTube ). What’s cool about it is, how it conveniently groups search results by network in expandable menus.

(2) Wink

Way more powerful alternative to yoName. With wink, not only can you earch by (1) email ID, username and name but also by (2) geographical location (city, state, country, zip, etc) and (3) even specific details (i.e. interests, movies , music, etc) which are often added by users to their profiles. As regarding the networks Wink checks in: “…lets you find people at social networks like MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn & Friendster, and other online communities”

On top of each search results set, Wink places an extremely handy menu that lets you efficiently filter the results you don’t need. For instance, you can filter stuff out by distance, age, gender, relationship status, and specific profile info i.e. interests, movies, music, etc.

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More ‘Wink’ Features:

  • add ‘Wink Search’ option to Firefox search toolbar
  • put all your web profiles on one page and share them anywhere on the web (blog, myspace, etc. ) via wink widget

(3) Pipl

Way simpler than any of the above, lets you search by First Name, Last Name (mandatory), city, state and country. It doesn’t group search results, neither does it provide any means to filter them. However, it brings something you won’t find on the above ones as it goes into much deeper levels (aka ‘deep web‘).

For instance, it turned me some pages that I never knew existed, i.e. public ICQ profile or my long forgotten profile on Yahoo People. Nevertheless, it seems like a good alternative in cases when the above ones fail or when you need to run a deeper “Who is” check on someone.

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