Cool Websites and Tools [July 16th, 2011]

Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. Most of the listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. If you want to have similar cool website round-ups delivered to your daily email, subscribe here.

My image Brinked Ringtone Creator – Setting a custom ringtone on your phone is a nice way to get notified of calls, messages, and any alerts. To obtain various ringtones and create custom ones, you should check out a service called Brinked Ringtone Creator, a simple online tool that helps create ringtones. Your first step on the site should be to create an account and enter your details.

My image LyricsGap – A fun way to polish your skills at a new language you are learning is by listening to songs sung in that particular language. LyricsGaps is a tool that helps develop your language skills by listening to songs. To play the songs, YouTube videos are embedded. Then certain words in the lyrics sheet are made missing; you have to fill in these blanks with the appropriate options. Read more: LyricsGaps: Improve & Learn Languages By Listening Songs
My image StockLogos – For any new business or any type of organization, you need to have a logo that symbolizes the organization. An appealing logo plays an important role in your organization’s marketing. One useful source for getting logos is StockLogos, a web service from where people can buy and sell logos. Buyers can browse from a wide variety of logos. Read more: StockLogos: Online Place To Sell And Buy Logos
My image – A simple reminder can be very helpful in ensuring that chores and tasks do not slip your mind. Numerous web services let you set up reminders for different tasks. One of the fastest and simplest of these tools is, a simple and free to use web service that helps you quickly set up email reminders for various tasks. Read more: Quickly Set Up Email Alerts & Never Forget Your Tasks
My image Bodymaps – Would you like to know how human organs look, or how your arteries and veins are laid out within the circulatory system? Then you should check out Bodymaps. This flash-based app offers a comprehensive 3D map of the human body that you can easily zoom through and manipulate. Read more: Bodymaps: Interactive 3D Human Body Map Online


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