Copyscape : See Who is Stealing your Blog Content

Copyscape is a service that lets you easily locate the websites that are stealing your content. Simply type in the URL of your webpage and Copyscape will crawl the web for duplicates and present you with a list of websites that have copied your content with or without your permission. The best way to benefit from this tool would be to use it for posts that bring you most traffic. This way you can focus your limited time and resources on the websites that harm your search engine rankings most.

Copyscape - Find People Stealing your blog osts


  • Type in the URL and see if was published elsewhere.
  • Get a word-to-word comparison with the original content.
  • Option to highlight matching text blocks.
  • Get a website WhoIS info to confront the owner with the copyrighted content .
  • Get advice on how to fight plagiarism online.
  • Free account is limited to 10 searches (for each website) per month.
  • Premium accounts (with additional options) available.

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