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Welcome to the Coach’s Corner we have a special guest way up north that I’m sure its previous time we have Jordan Chapman right now from Boston College so pretty time of the year up your way right now in it oh yeah yes it’s nice coming down here compared to Boston where it’s so cold now you’re you’re in North.

Carolina yeah right no I’m actually from Washington actually – no case there’s another cars from work come on okay that’s why I got mixed up hurry to say party that.

Way I miss that though but what was it that attracted you to Boston College um the coaching staff really they had a lot of faith and belief in me and confidence that I could come in and play and just the fact that I see seeing with playing.

And investing in a competent uh in the country so it’s definitely that and it will talk a little bit about what it’s been like that Boston College has been kind of having to go back and rebuild and kind of changing the culture up there and man you.

Call that you shocked the world on that first HCC game last year and show people we don’t show people that wasn’t a fluke they don’t have a good year last you talked a little bit about that yeah you know it’s been a process on when we went into our.

First year and then just coming back bouncing back last year and just you know beaten a lot of NCAA Tournament teams you know it was it was cool to see it was crazy just seeing like you know.

Some of these teams go farther tournament him you know he’s actually beat him so it was like you know it was just like we just take another step like we could get where we want to get – what’s your favorite a white rena uh to play in do.

You have a favorite place to go on a road um I like playing at Virginia last year okay yeah as a coach I used to love going and I know he did right there too because when he used.

All I I was embarrassed the way our fans treated him with his team one night though they were yelling that he look like the Grinch that stole Christmas you know I was in a high school.

In South Carolina okay down layer at that time they were just unmerciful to him and I said coach Tony I’m sorry and he looked.

Over decent don’t be I love it but I used to roam with you all right no been asking this.

Boy all with a lot of the players what is your favorite drill every day in practice do you have wanted that you like to get.

Into and enjoy doing um I like the warm-up drill we just do a lot of shooting you know I like to shoot threes and stuff so it’s my favorite real I don’t know flip side which one you hate Oh God we’re not doing.

This one today are do you have one of those we do defensive stations I don’t like that like we go one-on-one full court that one’s always always tough because you winded from the previous drill then you gotta you know play someone in full court you know I thought you bad Matt that will get your blood flowing to say he’s still that though all right basketball.

Takes up a lot of time what do you like to do just to get away and relax um just spend time with my wife watch TV shows just relax we’ve talked about him baseball when you come right up to home plate and baseball they always play your theme song if you were introduced at.
Boston College what would you want your theme song to be when you run.

Price space jam ball play a theme song for you when you come on the court there’s something like that I was telling your coach that he could take it he as I said my probably Looney Tunes there’s nothing like that but they would play for me though so what is the most important thing that you would want people to know about you um just our.
Most important thing about me just that I try to be a good guy try to.

Follow teachings Jesus Christ needs to be a good person every day so I like you saying that though so talk a little bit about your you fake think that faith is important sports and in sports yeah yeah I think you’ve been in.
Sports whatever you do in life it’s important that you.

Treat everyone with respect that you’re honest and you know she others how you wanna be treated well I think that’s great well you’re about Christians and and tried to run a Christian program within our thing though but I appreciate you saying that that.

Means a lot right there what do you do on gameday to get jacked up to play you have anything any little rituals or anything you do honestly it’s more for me it’s more about coming down you know I’m so kind of anxious and excited.

Play so I try to take a nap beforehand and.

Just relax and get my head right already well we appreciate you being with us today and look forward to seeing you play and we’ll see you back down this way in March sighs Robin Archer thank you thank you.

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