Craziest Animal Interference In Sports

Because of it the Green Bay site as well let’s analyze it that’s good form spring in yeah like that right caladiums and third get to know the first end a dog on the field oh boy that’s something you don’t see every day and he just stole Pfeiffer the glove and now he’s the one fielder’s glove that’s really something.
You don’t see every day he’s just wreaking havoc on this game.

He’s not giving the glove back no and that’s hardcourts Club actually that might be yeah that’s hard court yeah just run it away with it there’s.

Nowhere to go though I don’t know who that is down the first base line but she got the glow away.
And odor it’s got their dog now and I thought what is.

That on the ice and the curious thing to me was the game continued for several seconds with players skating around the chicken and and I thought well we’re now they gonna.

Stop this game be sensitive just missed hitting the chicken and finally finally.

Play stops it’s a live chicken on the ice that somebody threw out of the stands they don’t know what to do with it chickens sitting out on the ice I’ve never seen this before in my life and turned around and there was something on the ice I had no idea what it was I think it had some type of law scarf or flag or something draped around it I’ve.

Heard a rubber trick that’s before at a hockey game but not a live chicken I don’t know what the heck would be going on there’s not much as far as.

Farming and poultry and figure that’s I.

Think Hollywood is not known for that play continued for what about a minute 15 seconds or so I never really did find out who smuggled the chicken in and how long did he have it before he threw it out on.

The ice the chicken look like it was scared to death it wasn’t moving it was just all huddled and stationary on the ice someone said it.

Is a foul deed to do at a hockey game the puck was in the King’s Own all of a sudden from out of the stands as the puck was against the right wing boards a.

Live chicken gets thrown out of the stands out out of the ice when you’ve seen octopus but that’s kind of the tradition in Detroit I don’t know if we can top the chicken the live chicken was probably the weirdest one I’ve seen you never know what.

What some fans are gonna do so it was a weird situation what’s gonna happen here today we got a dog of the dog running loose on the football field here know anything can happen a black sock State yeah there we go proud extra point is good from Adams.

And a dog runs on the field here that’s good fun now this seems like the dog is chasing some of them yeah he’s chasing Thompson down the right sideline up the right flank still running around now yeah you don’t see that every day you’re not it seems.

Like everyone’s kind of befuddled at how as to how the dog yeah now he’s the 40 the 30 the 20 you get that dog some helmet and cleats here he moving up the sidelines last earbud yeah and he’s still he’s still on the field here right in front of.

The Tiger bench see massive Evi content okay Clemente Montag on this young and know 100 is a line drive base hit.

Centerfield coming around third two roses gonna win the ballgame it got by Chris maybe the birds distracted him and the Indians win it and take the series.

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