Crowdrise: Social Networking Site for FundRaising & Advocacy

Somewhere in all of us exists a hero who wants to push advocacies and help those in need. That is why Crowdrise was created to help people who want to help other people. It is a charity social networking website that lets users send donations online for various fund-raising activities and advocacies.

social networking for fundraising

Once you sign up for a Crowdwise account, you can either start a fund-raising campaign, volunteer for a project, or get sponsors for your volunteer projects. You can choose whether you just want to donate money or be part of the volunteering team. You can also set up as many fund raising campaigns and volunteer projects that you want.

social networking for fundraising

There is, however, a transaction fee once you donate to the project or charity you set up. Crowdrise deducts 5% on donations made through their site and a $1 transaction fee for donations under $25 or a $2.50 transaction fee for donations $25 and above.

Crowdrise not only aims to help volunteers and fundraisers but is also a fun way for people who share the same passion of helping people in need to bond, interact, share stories, share visions, and be friends with.


  • Easy search engine for the charities or foundations you may want to be part of.
  • Users can win amazing prizes as long as they incur many points.
  • Donations are secured since the Crowdrise uses Amazon Payments.
  • Easy user-interface; adding friends, uploading photos and videos are easy.
  • Transaction fee applies.
  • Share your project.
  • Team fund-raising adventure.
  • Similar Tools: GoodSearch, Flattr, SeeYourImpact, and Givv.

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