CrowdTilt: An Effective Way to Raise Funds Online

Crowdtilt is an online website that allows people to start a campaign to raise funds for any task. It is like an online fundraiser to accomplish a task with the help of your friends and family, for example, buying food for the flood victims, etc. You can even check out campaigns started by other users and contribute if you think it’s worth it.

raise funds online

Crowdtilt gives the users the option to start a campaign, set a minimum amount at which the campaign will ‘tilt’ – which means the campaign will end and the person will get the funds via direct deposit, cheque or PayPal.

Once a user makes a campaign, they can share the campaign with their friends on Twitter or Facebook who can then visit the website and contribute to your ‘money pool’. The volunteers must sign up an account on the website to contribute. The payment is taken out from the volunteer’s credit card account only if the campaign ‘tilts’ or reaches its monetary goal.

However, the service is only available for US citizens.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • The campaign can work for 7 days after which it expires.
  • Money is only transferred from volunteer’s bank account if the campaign ‘tilts’.
  • Works in US only.
  • Similar tools: Microgiving, Fundraise, Philanthroper, Crowdrise, Facebook Causes, EndorseForACause.

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