Cruxbot: Easily Summarize Webpages

Cruxbot is a website and tool that allow users to summarize webpages and articles allowing them to avoid cluttered webpages and get the information that they require.

summarize web pages

Cruxbot is great for people who like taking notes and are overwhelmed by the excess of information available to them online – on websites like Wikipedia, news articles, etc.

Using the Cruxbot tool is easy and simple. Just navigate to the website and click the “Try Now” button. You will then be required to install the bookmark to your respective browser. It works on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.

Once the bookmark has been installed, just visit the webpage you want to “distill and summarize” and click on the bookmark button. The Cruxbot bookmark will do an automated task of summarizing the article and display to you the summary.

There are also keywords available at the side of the summary that further allows you to summarize the article according to the key words.


  • Summarize web articles, pages in one simple click.
  • Save time as you skip the “unwanted” part of the article and only get what you require.
  • Works on any browser.
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