Curvio – A Fashion Lover’s IMDB To Find The Clothes Of Your Favourite Television Actors

find fashion trendsIf you love clothes, you’ve probably seen many great items on TV characters that you’ve fallen in love with and yet instantly given up any hope of ever finding anything remotely similar for yourself. This is because most people usually either forget exactly what it looked like or possibly lack the drive to search numerous stores to find something that resembles it well. Now Curvio has come to the rescue by making it easy to find exactly what your favourite actors wore.

It’s a neat idea similar to IMDB, where TV shows are listed, actors are noted and the individual outfits worn in each episode are given their own page, dedicated to finding the best match. It’s still in alpha stage so far, but it’s clearly going to be a hit. This method of browsing TV shows and actors, then cruising directly to shopping links from the site is precisely what shoppers want.

Log In With Facebook

There’s no need to log in, but if you want to do so, your Facebook login will allow you to collect your favourite outfits for referring to later. It’s also useful if you want to contribute to the similar items for outfits you’ve seen on Curvio.

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Browse TV Shows

To begin with, Curvio has started with a small selection of TV shows, which include Gossip Girl and Glee. Despite the small number of TV shows available currently, this is still a great number of actors, episodes and outfits.

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Browse The Stars

Check out the Stars page to find a character with your taste in clothing. Or perhaps you could look up an actor with your colouring or body shape if you want to get some good ideas about what might suit you.

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Browsing Clothing Items

Once you’ve clicked on an actor, you see a page of their best outfits. Each of those outfits has its own page where you can see all the outfits people consider to be similar. Prices are easy to spot and it clicks straight through to somewhere you can purchase the clothes. It’s pretty much ideal.

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Launch Status

The Curvio site is really new and is yet to grow in scope and see the community support which will supply the very best similar clothing links. However, there’s still a lot of great exploring that can be done as it is – and you know that it’s only going to get better.

If you’re a fan of Curvio, contact the staff and let them know which TV shows you’d love to see next or which retailers they could team up with. Curvio staff have said they’re keen to work with small fashion designers as well, so if this is you and you’re looking for some exposure, then talk to them now!

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Which TV shows should Curvio add next?

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