CyanogenMod Installer Now Available For Limited Devices

Cyanogenmod Inc. has made good on their promise for a simple installer, as the official CyanogenMod Installer has just landed in the Play Store alongside a PC client that should make the ROM flashing process much easier. The Android app runs the users through the process of turning on USB debugging and turning on Camera PTP mode so that the PC client can properly control the phone.

The PC client, available for Windows Vista, 7, and 8, detects the device via a USB cable and steps the user through flashing the CyanogenMod ROM for their device. However, there are still some cautionary steps that users should take before running the installer, according to CyanogenMod. They warn users to back up their data before installing, to use a high-quality USB cable, to ensure the phone is charged, and that the phone shouldn’t be moved during the installation.


Currently, the only supported devices are those belonging the Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, or HTC One families. You don’t have to be rooted for the installer to work, but you do need be running a stock ROM; all this means is that if you’ve flashed a custom ROM, you’ll need to switch to a stock ROM for the installer to work.

While it’s been possible for a while to install CyanogenMod on many devices, the company is hoping that the simplified process can open them up to a larger audience.

What do you think of the installer? Is it enough to convince you to flash CyanogenMod on your Android device? Let us know in the comments.

Source: CyanogenMod Blog

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