Daily Motivator: Displays a Positive Motivational Quote When You Start Firefox

Mornings can be a tough time, particularly if you think your morning will be a busy one. If short quotes and positive thinking can make you feel better about your morning, you might want to check out Daily Motivator.

This Firefox plugin will display an positive motivational quote for you every time you start up your browser, as well as every morning (although it didn’t do a morning quote for me without closing and opening the browser, so your mileage may¬† vary). The quote is displayed in an unassuming browser pop-up, as shown here:

positive motivational quote

If you click the quotation you’ll be taken to the creator’s blog, which deals with using positive thinking in order to become more productive and make more money . I suspect this link to the blog is the entire reason the plugin was created, but even if you never click through you’ll still have access to quotes that can make you feel good every morning.

Myself? I know I’m awesome, and I don’t need a Firefox extension to tell me so. Just looking in the mirror reminds me how awesome I am, so I’m good. But if you need a little help this plugin is the browser equivalent of those inspirational posters you see in otherwise depressing offices.


  • Firefox extension.
  • Displays motivational quotes in your browser.
  • Links to blog on the subject of motivation.
  • Similar tools: NumberQuotes, Subzin, Quotegasm, QuoteStumbler and In Quotes.

Check out Daily Motivator @ addons.mozilla.org

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