Derrick Rose Talks Luka Doncic , Dennis Smith Jr , Sneakers And Resurrection

I think you should have been that way but you know how the league is they gotta have protocols and it’s applications you gotta follow when you’re fired Association so I’m happy that they finally did it and for people like myself I’m from char so we’re sneakerheads so I gather find ways to you know I mean spice it up.

Here and there and I think with the league allowing us to do that you should see some crazy color you know I must’ve seen you in the previous users like you pepper your Stephanie do.

You talk about what you did this all yourself I mean it’s not just this offseason I think it’s been a couple of days and it’s just I mean just like anything is rhythm you know I mean just like.

Like whatever you do well you want me to take rhythm if you have injuries or you somehow you find a way of not doing what you do are you gonna lose.

That rhythm I thought well surgeries like my whole life I’m used to one to rhythm so how a shoot when I’m.

Too high on my jump to all my three took me four years to figure that out and to like what you see now like I had to calm down my game it working to us and like am it play a little bit more stable so today I’m out of control out there correctly to you guys dentistry Jenna yeah and good doctor you talk about both of their games which is awful and they scale who are they very.

Skilled young group the coach rig know what he’s doing over there put them in the right position to succeed and that’s all you want guys to be able to play through their mistakes and deal with.

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