Design Your Facebook Fan Page With Pagemodo’s WYSIWYG Editor

creating a facebook fan pageIf you want to create an attractive landing tab or a tab to display your company’s products on your Facebook fan page, Pagemodo offers one of the easiest methods to put together an attractive design, without the need for any coding or HTML knowledge whatsoever.

Using the WYSISYG editor, you can add images and text, select your font, background colours and more. While there are drawbacks to using the free version of Pagemodo, it offers a great opportunity for startups or individuals, but for the serious entrepreneur, one of the paid packages will be more appropriate.

If you haven’t already created a Facebook fan page, you can do so here, choosing the category, sub-category and page title.

creating a facebook fan page

Once you’ve created your page, the next step takes place at Pagemodo.

how to make a fan page on facebook

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Registering for a free account will of course require you to connect Pagemodo to your Facebook account, allowing access to your basic information, send you email, post to your wall and manage your pages.

how to make a fan page on facebook

With a free account, you can create one branded tab, which will feature a Pagemodo footer. There are several customisable templates to choose from, but any templates which include videos require one of the paid packages, starting at $9 per month for three tabs to $59 per month for 15 tabs. Of the paid packages, only the most expensive removes the “Powered by Pagemodo” branding from the top of the page, but with all paid packages, the footer is removed. For a truly professional appearance, the footer and branding may not be the ideal choice for some.

how to make a fan page on facebook

Amongst the templates, there are some, labeled Reveal Content, which require fans to click the like button before being able to view your videos and coupon codes, but this kind of practice could turn away more fans than it gains you.

Once you’ve selected your template, click the customize button, and begin to add content.

set up facebook fan page

The WYSIWYG editor couldn’t be easier to use. Each box is clearly labeled and numbered. You can upload images from your computer, or simply link to images hosted elsewhere.

set up facebook fan page

When entering text, you can also select the background design and colour, and text formatting.

set up facebook fan page

The preview pane makes it easy to see the changes as they are made.


When uploading images, you can scale and rotate them to fit the allotted space.


Once you’ve entered all images and text, you can then save the template for later or, if you’re ready to launch your page straight away, select the Free package, and click the install button.


You will then be redirected to Facebook where you can add the tab to your Facebook fan page.

creating a facebook fan page

If you want to make changes to the template at a later date, it’s as simple as going back to the WYSIWYG editor, making your changes, and updating it.

While Pagemodo does offer a very easy method to create a welcome tab, one major drawback, due to Facebook’s settings, is that you cannot rearrange the tabs to place the Welcome tab before your Wall and Info tabs. The best you can do is click and drag the tab into the third slot behind them.

What free services can you recommend for jazzing up your Facebook page? What do you think of Pagemodo? Let us know in the comments.

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