Does God Thwarts His Own Determinations? Calvinist Believe So Pt.2

Therefore when you go through the scripture and you find all these verses like the guys down in Houston did when we debated them where God’s thoughts the will of a king from committing adultery for example and they use those as proof Texas I see no such thing as free will actually what they’ve done is they’ve done our job.

For us because they have demonstrated that God is thwarting the free will of men otherwise you’ve got God sorting his own determinations and that.
Makes no rational sense for example when let’s say Jonah Jonah.

Had the free will to go to Nineveh or to run he chose to run freely God for did his will by doing what sending a storm setting a big fish to convince him to go to Nineveh now would it make much sense in that narrative if God was causally determining bringing about.

The very desires of Jonah in such a way that made him want to run from Nineveh only to step in using a blinding light a big fish you know a storm something of that nature to make his messenger do something he had determined them not to.

Want to do in the first place doesn’t make any sense only reason the stories like that makes sense is if you establish free will because what is god contending with if not the free will of man God is able and at times does Trump and Fort the wills.

Of men in their rebellion he’s sovereign and the ability to make the choice of whether he Trump’s them or not whether he overcomes what they wanted to do whether he convinces them through normative means like a big fish he has an ability to do that and at times throughout history he chooses to that it’s a prerogative whether.

He does that or not he doesn’t have to show his nail-scarred hands to.

Everybody he showed him to Thomas though so it’s his choice that’s what a sovereign God can do he can rule how he wants and he can Trump who he wants to Trump okay he can he can.

He can use different normative means but as we said before proof that God uses normative means like a big fish to convince his messenger.

To take the message to Nineveh doesn’t prove that God uses some inward irresistible means to make certain invite to believe his message that doesn’t make much sense does it why use a big fish to convince your own messenger to deliver a message only to you some secret inward irresistible regenerative means to make certain people believe the message that just doesn’t.

Not it’s not rational it doesn’t follow and yet that’s what you continue to see Calvinists make these.

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