Dotdotdot: Manage All Your eBooks & Web Texts From a Single Online Dashboard

If you like to read eBooks, online articles, and other content on your computer, then you are already aware of how inconvenient it can be to jump from one website to another to simply to read your favorite articles. In addition to the site-jumping, what you probably find difficult to adjust to are the various reading interface.

Ideally, a computer user would want one dashboard from where he could read all of his favorite digital content. Dotdotdot aims to provide you with such a dashboard.

Dotdotdot is a free to use web service that offers its users a lot of useful reading features. The application will be just what is required by computer users who are fans of digital reading. The application provides a single dashboard to read eBooks and online articles. You start by signing into the application through your Facebook or Twitter account.

Next you begin optionally following the articles shared by other Dotdotdot users. You can also add your own feeds from your favorite websites. There is also the option to upload the epub eBooks you own. The maximum supported file size for a single eBook is 50 MB. Once all of your data is available, it is shown in a timeline view on which you can click to read your articles.

The titles are displayed in a reader friendly manner that features a page-by-page reading interface.

You can share your highlights and comments from your favorite text and use this to collaborate with friends.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you read online articles in a reader friendly interface.
  • Lets you upload ebooks as well.
  • You can share your highlights and comments of text with others.

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