Download Accelerator Plus: A Fast Download Manager With Scheduling & Many Other Features (Free Accounts)

People who have used Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome can testify that regardless of the browser you use, the download speed offered by them while you get a file from the Internet is a lot lower than your regular downloading speed. To boost the downloading speed of the files you get you can use a download accelerating application which manage your file downloads. These applications detect anytime you are about to download a file and take over the browser’s function to get the file at a faster speed.

Ideally, you would want your download manager to be the fastest one out there and offer extra features such as download scheduling. The desktop application for Windows called Download Accelerator Plus offers that and much more.

fast download manager

Download Accelerator Plus is a powerful downloads managing application for Windows computers. The file size of its setup file is nearly 10 MB; during the installation you are offered the option to download various additional applications which can speed up your downloading experience. With DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) you get integration with all the browsers you use. You can easily redirect downloads from your web browser to DAP.

download accelerator plus

For each file you get options to open or save; the first time you see DAP, you will be surprised by how fast the downloads are executed. Files can also be scheduled to be downloaded later.

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The dialog box for completed files notifies you that the file is now available for viewing and provides a button to open that particular file.

Apart from its fast and convenient functioning, DAP offers a built-in web browser; this helps you download and browse using a single application rather than jumping between your browser and downloads manager.

DAP offers a free version and a Premium version that costs $14.95. In the Premium version there are no ads, you can preview links before downloading them, and you can make use of the offered file shredders and advanced FTP features.

The app’s developers have generously offered 15 free licenses to the first 15 commenters on this post.


  • A user-friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with Windows.
  • Manages your downloads.
  • Can download files fast.
  • Lets you schedule downloads.

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