Dr. Jason Johnson On #trump Inviting African Americans To White House

We’re back with a hardball roundtable Tamara tell me something I don’t know President Trump today said he was taking bold historic action on prescription drug prices it is actually an announcement of proposed rulemaking to take comments so that’s gonna be in the Federal Register it will be so Chris what you may have heard is that Donald Trump will.

Young black conservatives coming to the White House for a turning point USA for a big brouhaha of conservative joy over the course of the week in which you may not.

Conveniently rejected almost every single application from the black press that wants to attend this event we don’t here for the Warriors for this new guys thank you yeah we’ll see how long this bat marriage between populist nationalist party Republicans and Reagan Bush Republicans last if if Donald Trump pulls a miracle this cycle it’ll last some more this bad marriage if we lose the house and if we have some surprises and the.

Governors races it may well be the beginning of a split that’s okay look at this way you got David.

Duke in the mix now Thank You Tamara Keith he’s endorsing nationalism thank you Jason Johnson Thank You Alec artists I know it’s not funny it’s just hideous when we were.

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