DragonTape: Create A Free Video MixTapes For Continuous Play

Videos are more fun when they can be mixed together in any way you want. DragonTape is a web app that lets you do exactly that without any hassle. Just search for YouTube videos and then drag them into your timeline to add to your mix. Drag the videos to move them within your timeline.

Once done, save your tape and access it anytime through a permanent URL. Having a fixed URL also makes it easy to share the tape with your friends or access it from any web browser. You can also insert YouTube clips by directly entering the URL. Create as many tapes as you want and choose to keep them public or private.

free video mixtapes


  • Create a free video mixtapes by combining different youtube videos.
  • Drag and drop YouTube videos to add to your tape.
  • Move videos within your tape.
  • Access your tape through a permanent URL.
  • Create as many tapes as you want and share with friends.

Visit DragonTape @ DragonTape.com

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