DrawAnywhere: Create Flowcharts Using an Intuitive Interface

Flowcharts are a great help in explaining ideas and steps. If you are looking for an app to create flowcharts online, then you have numerous options at hand. Of these, perhaps the most user-friendly one is a site called “DrawAnywhere.”


DrawAnywhere is a wonderful web service that lets you creates diagrams like flowcharts. The site lets you create an account and use its premium packages for free as a 30 day trial. Once you log into the site you can view the flowchart-creation interface. You can drag various shapes onto your chart and easily connect them with arrows, insert custom text, and choose custom colors for the text. You can also find various images and icons on the site to help you complete your flowchart.

When your flowchart is complete you can either share it online with others through a direct URL or export it to an offline file; supported formats for offline export include PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF. The site even gives you an embeddable code for the flowchart. With the trial account you get the site’s logo pasted under the flowchart, but not overlapping it.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create flowcharts.
  • Offers numerous flowchart-creation tools.
  • Lets you share your diagrams online.
  • Exports your flowcharts to offline files.
  • Similar tools: Diagramly and SlickPlan.
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Check out DrawAnywhere @ www.drawanywhere.com

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