Dropbox 1.0: Faster & Lighter Than Ever [News]

dropbox.jpgDropbox’s latest update brings the app up to 1.0 status, bringing with it a few new features, but most of the major changes are under the hood where most people might not notice them, but they are nevertheless significant. It’s no secret how much we love Dropbox here at MakeUseOf, so we’ve put together a rundown of the changes you can expect when you upgrade.

Dubbed the Prius model of Dropbox, the latest version is lighter than ever, using half the resources it did in the past, and of course as the update indicates, is a stable version of the application. According to the Dropbox blog, the enhancements mean that “Dropbox 1.0 is strong enough to sync your entire digital life yet still lightweight and fast. We completely re-architected the client-side sync engine to optimize the response time, scale, and resource consumption.”

New users, on all three platforms, will benefit from a redesigned setup wizard, aimed at making it as easy as possible to get Dropbox on your computer. Mac users will also see the welcome change of a rewritten app, using Cocoa only. Not only will this make Dropbox feel more at home on your Mac, it’s also reduces the download size.

That’s not all Mac users are getting. One of the new features the update brings to the table is Extended Attribute Sync. Certain Applications, like Quark Xpress or Quicken for example, hide file metadata, making syncing impossible, particularly with other operating systems. With Dropbox, the metadata is not ignored, ensuring a complete backup.

On the surface, one of the coolest features to grace the update is Selective Sync. You can choose which Dropbox files to sync to each computer it’s installed on – meaning it’s much easier to keep your work and personal files separate.


If you haven’t already installed Dropbox, get the installation file here.

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