Dropbox Pro Launches 1TB Plan For $9.99/month. Adds Password Protection For Files

Storage provider Dropbox is the preferred cloud solution for many of us. The deal just got sweeter with the new Dropbox Pro plan, which gives 1TB of storage space and adds security features, all for $9.99 per month or $99 per year.


The Difference Between Free and Pro

In the free account, Dropbox gives 2GB of space, but there are ways to get more free space. Still, nothing will get you to 1TB apart from the Pro plan. There are three features worth talking about in the new upgrade, but here’s a quick list of everything that separates free accounts from pro:


Get 1TB of Storage (But That’s Not Reason Enough)

A terabyte is a lot of storage space on the cloud. Here’s some perspective:

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Still, this isn’t the best deal if storage space was the only reason you were thinking of upgrading to Dropbox Pro. And no, the better option isn’t Google Drive, although that’s priced similarly at $9.99 per month for 1TB. The best option is Microsoft’s OneDrive, which gives 1TB for $6.50 per month in the Business plan and throws in the Office 365 suite. As we have already mentioned, Office Online is a fantastic work suite that you should be using.

Despite this, there is one argument to be made for Dropbox’s storage. Cloud storage works great to sync folders with your colleagues, friends or family. If most of your social circle is using Dropbox, the money you save on OneDrive probably isn’t worth it for the convenience of that synced folder.

Just in case you’re wondering what you’ll do with 1TB of storage space, there are some creative uses you probably haven’t thought of.

Protect Your Files With Passwords and Permissions


Sharing files from Dropbox is awesome, but you don’t want anyone to be able to download those confidential work documents if they have a link. Dropbox Pro fixes that by letting you lock files with a password.

On top of this, just to be on the safe side, you can also add an expiration date for the file’s link. So in case that password gets out later, your file is still safe because the link no longer works. And yes, you can change the expiration date after setting it.

Finally, in case you want someone to see a file you are working on without being able to edit or delete it, you can now set “View-only” permissions. View-only permissions enables members of a shared folder to always see the latest versions of the files without having the ability to edit them.

However, there still isn’t a way to encrypt your Dropbox files apart from BoxCryptor or other third-party solutions.

Remote Wipe Your Dropbox Folders


If you forgot your device somewhere or if an unwanted person has access to your Dropbox, you would want to keep your data out of the wrong hands. Dropbox Pro now lets you remotely wipe out files and folders. Here’s what it does, according to Dropbox:

Once you unlink a device and select the remote wipe option, the device will immediately stop syncing. Dropbox will attempt to delete the entire Dropbox folder whenever the device is online and the Dropbox application is running. Remote wipe always applies when you unlink mobile devices and is optional when you unlinÍk computers.

Are You Getting Dropbox Pro?

These new features in Dropbox Pro are quite cool and with a price to match. But is it enough to make you pay $9.99 per month? We want to know, so whether yes or no, tell us why in the comments.

Image Credits: Ian Lamont, Dropbox

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