Drugs companies paid nearly €52m to doctors, hospitals last year

Photo: Depositphotos.com

The pharmaceuticals industry spend nearly €52m sponsoring Dutch doctors and healthcare institutions last year, the Volkskrant reports on Monday.

This is a rise of 36% on 2014, according to research by the healthcare transparency monitor Transparantieregister Zorg.

Of this, €8.6m went to 3,814 doctors. Most doctors just did one sponsored job for the pharma firms, but the best paid picked up €127,000 for working for the industry. Patient groups picked up €2.2m.

Most of the cash which went to care institutions was also spent on one-off projects although the biggest earner picked up €1.7m. In addition, one institution carried out 148 projects for drugs companies, the Volkskrant said.


Doctors’ organisation KNMG told the Volkskrant it would look carefully at the figures put pointed out fewer than 7% of doctors actually earn money on the side from the pharmaceuticals industry.

The sector’s own lobby group Nefarma said the amount of sponsorship money has gone up because openness ab…

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