DummyImage: Quick Dummy Image Generator

When we want to setup a layout for our next website project, it is quite handy to have a tool that quickly generates placeholder images. DummyImage is a simple online dummy image generator that provides a quickest and easiest way. All you need to do is add desired width x height to the end of URL “http://dummyimage.com/“.

For example, if you need a 575×450 image, just type in http://dummyimage.com/575×450 to get this:

dummy image generator

If you want to run the script on your own server, you can download the PHP files together with the instructions on how to do it.

DummyImage is a very simple yet functional tool that gives web designers a quick way to create placeholder images at whatever size they want in a single click.


  • Generates a placeholder image at whatever size you want.
  • Free; no sign up needed.
  • Similar Tools: RandomImageGenerator.

Check out DummyImage @ www.dummyimage.com

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