DVD Later: Quickly Add Currently Playing & Upcoming Movies to Your Netflix Queue

Do you manage a movies queue on your Netflix account? Such a queue can be greatly helpful when you are away from home or the theaters that are playing the current and upcoming movies. To manage your movies-to-watch Netflix queue, check out DVD Later. It  is a free to use web application for Netflix users. On the site you will find all currently playing and upcoming movies. The site is a great tool that will help you not miss out on the movies you find interesting. Simply visit the website, check out the current or upcoming movies, and add the ones you like to your Netflix queue.


Check the queue later when you can watch the movie or when it becomes available. If you want details on a particular movie, just click on its name on DVD Later and you will be taken to its Netflix page.


  • A user friendly web service for Netflix users.
  • Lets you easily add current and upcoming movies to your Netflix queue.
  • Helps ensure you get to watch your favorite upcoming movies as soon as possible.
  • Can filter out movies already in your Netflix queue.
  • Similar tools: NetflixInstantWatcher and Feedflix.
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Check out “DVD Later” @ www.dvdlater.com

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