Dwellicious: Delicious For Real Estate Bookmarks

Dwellicious, whose name comes from ‘dwellings’ (meaning homes) and ‘delicious’, the popular online bookmarking site, is a site which offers delicious like social bookmarking features specifically for people who are looking to buy or rent new properties.

You can bookmark the properties you come across on the web, organize them with tags and share them with family and friends which includes the ability to post to Facebook and Twitter. You can also track price changes and valuations using some of the cool tools it provides.

real estate bookmarks

real estate bookmarkings


  • Social bookmarking for homes and properties.
  • Organize bookmarks with tags.
  • Share properties easily with friends and on Facebook and twitter.
  • Track price, photo and off-market changes with cool tools feature.

Check out Dwellicious @ www.dwellicious.com

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