Edit & Share: Capture, Edit & Share Handwritten Notes, Diagrams & Charts [iOS]

It seems like almost everybody nowadays uses mobile devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones, netbooks) and productivity apps to do their work – from taking notes to managing projects. However, sometimes it is easier and faster to use the old fashioned pen and paper to take a note, draw a diagram or a chart. So, if you never thought it was possible to combine digital and handwritten notes, check out Quartet Edit & Share. It is an app for iOS that lets you take a picture of your work written on a whiteboard, edit the picture, add notes to it and easily share it with others.

Once you take a picture of your document (written notes, diagram or chart) you can then stitch multiple images together, move or copy parts of the image, add text, edit the contrast and much more. You can add notes to the images which become tags from which you can search from within project folders. Images can easily be shared with others (colleagues, partners, etc) by email, Twitter or Facebook.

To try the free app, download it to your iOS device (iPhone, iPad) from iTunes store.

edit  & share


  • Take a picture of your work written on a whiteboard and save it for later use.
  • Edit images, stitch multiple images together, move or copy part of the image, edit contrast and much more.
  • Tag images by adding notes.
  • Search images via tags.
  • Store images in individual project folders.
  • Share images with others by email, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Available free for iOS.
  • Related tools – RealtimeBoard.

Check out Edit  & Share @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/edit-share/id594765820 (via Addictivetips)

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