eMailDodo: A Simple Way to Send Emails to a Group of People

Do you want to send email to a group of people in a easier way? Well, you might be in luck with eMailDodo that allow users to send group emails.

send emails to group

Unlike other software, eMailDodo is made just for emailing groups. With eMailDodo, you can send a group email from your iPhone, Android, from the web or even from SMS/text! All you need is an eMailDodo account, while you mail from another emailing service.

Using the service is easy. The very first thing a user has to do is sign up for an account on eMailDodo, which primarily uses your existing email account (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.). After creating an account, just log into your account, create a “New Group”, and add the people you want to the group.


  • Free service.
  • Allows users to send out email to a group of people.
  • E-mails can be done through a variety of platforms – Android, iPhone, PC, Mobile.
  • Similar tool: ccLoop.

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