Empower Women Africa || Grace Michaels

Hello my name is grace and I am a content creator as a family we travel a lot and we’ve decided to create videos of our travel adventures and family lifestyle and share it to the world through our YouTube channel called planet Michaels being a content creator they have to always look for ways to very create what we also.

Do while we don’t travel is that we also manage client social.

Media platform that is not tech-savvy so I helped.

Him out we trained them how to post on social media what are the do’s and don’ts tell them.

What is safe and what is not safe so that they are protected as well when it comes to doing social media being an IT professional as my previous career is a very challenging career although I loved what I did it took away a lot of time for my family life traveling together.

And making content for our YouTube channel made us as a family closer together we brainstorm as a family make sure that everyone is happy with the video.

Before it’s posted in public because my main work is social media all of us in the family have some type of a device everybody’s got a smartphone iPad iPhone PC I get concerned at times because most of my work as a content creator is always online and I realize most of the times in my gadgets and devices to do my work I’m just glad.
When I came across kaspersky lab’s solution called total.

Security solution because it keeps me at ease knowing that I can be protected at all times it includes antivirus solution my computer ransomware what a hack is not to break into my computer and save kids it helped me feel it is that my kids can use their gadgets while being safe online having this fresh clap total security make me.

Feel at ease and gives me the confidence to work on my social media without worrying about any dangers that might come my way always make sure that whatever you do online must always try to stay safe in order.

To achieve success in anything you do you must always try to believe in yourself that you can anything put.

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