Empower Women Africa || Grace Olugbodi

I’m grace grace Erlich Bodhi and I’m the creator of the race to infinity in Matt’s game and the author of the make Matt’s one book I specialize in helping children fall in love with mathematics I found that there are three key problems too many children hate Matt’s don’t believe they can get good at it and they find it.
Second is that they don’t see the point in doing maths and.

The third is that they don’t have enough font creative ways to practice maths at home there is a bigger problem and it is that.

Too many parents are afraid of math themselves and don’t know how to help their children God mr. Sussex show that the economy is actually wasting away twenty billion pounds a year just because of this maths problem so I made it my mission to turn mathematics into a game that every child would love to play we have a number of devices at.

Home but in myself my partner or my kids we’ve got three laptops for iPads three phones and one desktop computer my.

Son and daughter at different times have actually been victims of cyberbullying they’ve both had people at different times come online at their maps different games that they’re playing saying inappropriate comments and that’s.

Quite scary so having Kaspersky’s products on the computer to look after my kids actually makes me feel very happy and it makes me not worry I love Kaspersky safe kids because first of all it puts my mind at rest I can see what my children and doing at any point in time I.

Can see how long they’re doing it for and a very important part of it is that I can.

Long my children can be on their iPads for or on their devices for because then it just automatically stops after that they just can’t go past the time that I’ve set so when I read about how my game is helping children all over in Australia and.

South Africa in the UK in Europe I always think I’m so lucky to be doing something that I love he doesn’t feel like a business my advice to women who are considering becoming entrepreneurs is this if you have a dream if you have a passion if you have a business you want to run go for it there really isn’t time see before I started mine I was actually quite scared to actually lunch the race to infinite and that’s gained and I thought.

But because my passion was actually bigger than my fear I went ahead and lunched it thinking it was going to fail so I was actually quite surprised.

To see all of the great testimonials that I was getting and then I started to say if he would kill me I would.

Out and that if it was the last thing I.

Did I’d get the board game out and I would encourage you to think towards those sort of thoughts about doing what you’ve always wanted to do so that you can be happy there will be a lot of successes so get ready for that there will be a few tears get ready for that but don’t give up keep going people have done it and they will always do it you would never know how many lives you can touch if you don’t try you’ll just never know so go for it.

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