Epic eBay Hack, Nest Protect Update, Secret Android App, Apple Weed Firm [Tech News Digest]

Today in Tech News Digest, eBay gets hacked, Nest Protect gets updated, Secret app expands, Apple removes Weed Firm, Spotify boasts 10 million subscribers, and ‘I Got This’ should actually exist.

eBay Hacked, Change Your Password Now

Online auction site eBay has suffered an epic hack which has resulted in the account information of all 130 million users to be compromised. For this reason, eBay is strongly urging all users to change their passwords at their earliest convenience.

The attack compromised a database containing passwords, email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses, which is a tasty haul for any cybercriminal. However, eBay insists no financial information was stolen, and PayPal data is stored on a separate, secure network.

The eBay user information was encrypted, which should at least mean it takes longer for those responsible to utilize the data. However, as this breach occurred in either late February or early March, users shouldn’t waste any time in changing their passwords.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Security Matters section of MakeUseOf for more information on the eBay database hack as it emerges.

Nest Protect Smoke + CO Alarms Fixed

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A software update is being pushed out to all Nest Protect + CO alarms (at least 440,000 units) to fix a known issue with the Nest Wave feature. This software update means the Nest Protect + CO alarms will be going on sale again within weeks after a period on non-availability.

Those who have their Nest Protect + CO alarms hooked up to the Internet will get the update automatically, while Nest has provided an FAQ detailing the steps that need to be taken by everyone else. Nest Labs was recently acquired by Google for $3.2 billion.

Secret App Launches Globally & On Android

Secret, the app which allows people to post secrets while remaining mostly anonymous, is now available on both Android and iOS in every country around the world. This impressive expansion comes just a month after Secret was made available outside the U.S., at which point the Android app was still being developed. Just don’t tell anyone else, eh.

Apple Removes Weed Firm From App Store

Apple has removed Weed Firm from the Apple Store. As the name suggests Weed Firm was a game about growing and selling marijuana, so it’s no surprise to see Apple condemn it in this way. Weed Firm isn’t the only drug-related title on the Apple App Store, but its rise to the top of the download charts made it a prime target.

The maker of Weed Firm, Manitoba Games, has vowed to change Apple’s mind, even if it means censoring the game to comply with Apple’s strict rules. But only after they satisfy their cravings for lots and lots of munchies.

Spotify Hits 10 Million Paid Subscribers

Spotify has racked up 10 million paying subscribers, from a total of 40 million active users. This suggests strong growth in the past year, with the company boasting 6 million paid subscribers from a total of 24 million active users in March 2013.

This means Spotify has a commanding lead over the competition, as shown in the graphic above. Unfortunately, this growth hasn’t resulted in profitability, the reason being the significant gap between the number of people paying for the service and the number of people who listen for free. Because they’re cheap.

Read our unofficial guide to Spotify to become a master at music streaming.

‘I Got This’ Explains TV Shows For You

And finally, the combination of social media hype and binge-watching means a lot of people start watching TV shows midway through a season. This inevitably leads to them asking all manner of inane questions about what is going on. Which is annoying.

Conan O’Brien has discovered the solution to this problem. ‘I Got This’ is a service which provides n00bs with a guide to whatever television show they’re catching up on.

Unfortunately, it isn’t real, though we wish it was. Someone, somewhere, please make this happen.

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