Episode 204: Dual Shielding

Welcome to the latest Connectivity episode. This week it’s Nick, Adam and Bryan.

Bryan kicks things off by talking about trying to complete a living Pokédex, along with also playing through Pokémon Yellow. Adam chats a little bit about Undertale and also how he has tried and failed to get a younger family member to play and appreciate Zelda Ocarina of Time. Nick finishes up by talking a bit about his most recent play-through of Ocarina of Time, this go around he has been playing the original version with the untouched music and graphics, he also talks a little about Uncharted 4.

After the break the gang answer a listener mail. The question asks how come Nintendo fans seem to ignore indies when it comes to talking about third party support for Nintendo systems.

The final segment features Adam stepping into the hosting position, the discussion centres around the evolution of the combat and gameplay in the various 3D Zelda games.

The musical selections this week include ‘Pallet Town’ from the Pokémon Reorchestrated: Kanto Symphony album, an 8bit remix of the Oot overworld theme and ‘Kakariko Vi…

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