Evernote Food For Android Makes It Easier To Log Your Meals [Updates]

Evernote Food is a free mobile app for “preserving and reliving” memorable food experiences. Initially released for iOS, Evernote Food has recently made its way onto Android and you can now download it for free from Google Play.

Like all Evernote apps, Evernote Food syncs your information with Evernote’s cloud service. While you could always log your meals using the stock Evernote client, the Evernote Food application features a purpose-built interface that makes the process more fun and engaging (if a bit more cumbersome).

You can add multiple images for each meal, so it’s easy to document each dish. Unlike the regular Evernote client, Evernote Food puts images front and center, and lets you swipe between them in a miniature slideshow.

The main note list is different than the one used in the regular app as well, and emphasizes images while displaying the full title of each note, even if it’s lengthy. You can also individually title each image, so you can note which dish it was.

Finally, Evernote Food crops images using a square aspect ratio, and lets you specify the resolution. Using 640×640 yields perfectly usable images while conserving space on your Evernote account, so you will be able to record hundreds of images each month without running out of your monthly storage quota. All in all, a worthy addition to the Evernote family, especially if you like dining out or maintaining a diet food log.

Do you keep records of your food? What do you use?

Source: Evernote Blog

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