ExamTime: Preparing For Tests & Quizzes Made Easy

It’s that time of the year again: university finals (for those of you in high school and middle school, don’t worry – it’s coming). One thing that most students spend the most time on and have the most trouble with is studying. Unfortunately, you have to do it, but fortunately, there’s now an easier way – ExamTime.

ExamTime is a great cross-platform service that helps you develop mind maps, flash cards, practice quizzes, and note sheets to help with all of your learning needs. It’s a truly effective study aid that is well-designed and beautiful to look at. In short, it’s perfect for this generation of students that is already caught up in technology.

preparing for tests and quizzes

Users can create and share various studying materials right within the service’s website. These materials can also be accessed using mobile devices for a faster, more social studying experience. Personally, I believe mobile phones are great options for viewing flash cards on! It’s much better than hauling around hundreds of index cards, right?

Students, teachers, and tutors can all find a great deal of usage with ExamTime. It’s the epitome of what a studying aid should be, and for those of you who like to study in groups, it’s perfect. With the aforementioned fluid sharing features and excellent organization options, you’ll be ready for your tests and quizzes in no time at all.


  • Creates mind maps, flash cards, practice quizzes, and note sheets for studying.
  • All items are shareable among friends.
  • Service can be accessed from several devices.
  • Great, well-designed study aid.

Try ExamTime out by visiting its website.

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