Excel Tip: How to Type Ampersands (&) in Headers and Footers

When you type an ampersand into a header or footer of an Excel document and then print it, you’ll find that it disappears, leaving you with an undesired result. AT&T becomes ATT. A&W becomes AW.

Basically, Excel reads an ampersand as a marker that indicates that a special formatting code is to follow. Don’t worry, though, because there’s a simple trick you can use to type into your header or footer.

When I tell you how simple this trick is, you’re going to be shocked. No registry hacking, no writing special formatting, nothing fancy.

You just need to create the header as you would normally, and when you type the text in, type two ampersands. AT&&T. A&&W. H&&R Block. You get the idea.

If you work for a company with an ampersand in its logo, this tip might just change your life (and save your job)!

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Image Credit: Pixelagestudio via ShutterStock

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