ExpoTV : Consumer Reviews from Product Owners

This is a great website, thousands of video reviews featuring all kind of consumer goods, made by the people that own them. ExpoTV claims to have over 250.000 of short and unbiased consumer reviews. You can find almost anything here, starting from car reviews to snazzy Dell laptops, giant LCD TVs and even iPhone. So if you ever want to see the product on the video and listen to what average consumers are saying about the product you want to buy then ExpoTV seems to be the right right place.

ExpoTV - Consumer Product Reviews

Search videos, browse by category, rate reviews, leave comments, subscribe etc. And if you are really enthusiastic you can submit your own video review and make some money.


  • Browse and watch over 250.00 video reviews from product owners.
  • Ask questions to people who own the product that you want to buy.
  • Embed review videos onto your blog, ebay auction, online shop or personal webpage.
  • Make your own video review and share it with others.
  • Subscribe to your favorite reviewer and get notified when new videos are out.
  • Rate and comment on videos (requires sign-up).

iPhone Consumer Review - Video

Check out ExpoTV @ www.expotv.com

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