Extensity: Easily Enable & Disable Chrome Extensions

If you’ve ever visited MakeUseOf’s Best Chrome Extensions page, then there’s a high chance you have quite a few of them installed on your machine. There’s no shame in that! After all, that page has some¬†really¬†great downloads. However, it can get a bit cumbersome to have all of those extensions on your browser. Sometimes it can be as bad as installing all of those scary pop-up toolbars.

Rising from the depths of the Chrome Web Store itself is yet another extension, but this one is rather unique. In fact, you could say it’s the Messiah of all extensions. This extension’s name? Extensity.

enable disable chrome extensions

Extensity is an extension that sits right next to your address bar, and it allows you to instantly enable or disable any extension that you currently have installed (except itself). This is great for those times with certain extensions interfere with each other or they just simply get annoying. If you’d like to switch back and forth between vanilla Chrome and your customized version, then Extensity is the extension to have.


Will you use it often? Maybe. If you only use your extensions for certain tasks, then it’s nice to have a little on/off switch right in front of you. Other than that, this is a very simple extension. It doesn’t have much use other than this, and honestly, it would do well as an official integrated part of Chrome.


  • Enables and disables Chrome extensions.
  • Groups extensions by type.
  • Sits snugly next to your address bar.
  • Uses a well-designed drop-down menu.

Install Extensity right now by visiting the Chrome Web Store.

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