Eye In Sky Weather: A Weather App With A Cool Interface [Android]

One of the more competitive app types is weather. Not only are there lots of apps that can tell you the latest weather forecasts, but most devices actually have built-in software for predicting the weather. So in order for a weather app to be worth using, it needs to be really good. The app Eye In Sky Weather definitely fits the bill as an Android weather app worth installing on your device.

cool weather app android

The app is really easy to use. It comes with a slick interface and all the features you need. It uses location services to tell you the weather. If you want, you can manually enter a location and see the weather there. It also is able to tell you theĀ forecastĀ in detail for the next 48 hours or a little broader forecast for the next 15 days.

eye in sky weather

The app also has a widget that can be added to your homescreen to give you quicker access to your weather. Another nice thing the app has is customizable icons, so you can choose the ones that look good to your eye.


  • Easy to use weather app for Android.
  • Homescreen widget.
  • Weather forecasts for any location.
  • Easy to use, slick interface.

Find Eye In Sky Weather on Google Play

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