Facebook, Microsoft Join Hands for Massive Internet Cable across Atlantic

When two of the biggest tech conglomerates join hands, you can certainly expect something big to happen. This is what we expected when Microsoft and Facebook decided to work upon a project, but, apparently, this one is even bigger than expected.

The partnership between the two have now paved way for the works for installing the highest-capacity subsea internet cable to ever have been installed through the Atlantic Ocean.

The aim of this new mission is to meet the growing customer demands for high speed, reliable data connections through the duo’s jointly humungous cloud and online services.


The cable system, called MAREA after the Spanish word for tide, will cover a total distance of 4,100 miles/6600 km from Virginia in the US to Bilbao in Spain. The duo also plans to expand the system later to Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

The proposed system will provide data transfer with speed capability of up to 160 terabits per second of bandwidth. The installation works will be covered by Telxius, an infrastructure company owned by global communication behemoth Telefónica.

The project would mark a turning point for both the companies based on their clo…

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