Famigo Launches To Help Families Find Appropriate Smartphone Apps For Kids [News]

Anyone with kids know they when they bring out the iPhone or Android they immediately want to grab it and play with it. The question is, once they have it, what applications are acceptable for them to play with? Well Famigo realized that this was a problem, and they have built a website specifically designed to find applications that are appropriate for kids to play with. They have a team of reviewers that look at every app before it is featured on their website.

Users can sort apps by a number of parameters including the highest rated, the most popular, staff favorites and whether or not the applications are free. Each application offers a quick little breakdown to let parents know what it offers for children. This gives parents a quick overview of whether or not an application is something they think their kids could benefit from or not.

They also offer a quick section called “Cool” which lists the positives of an app and “Drool” which quickly goes over the main negatives in the application.

With the countless amount of applications available on iTunes and the Android Market, a website like this is an incredible way for parents to find the right things to entertain their children.

Source: TechCrunch

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