Fast Image Research: Quickly Research An Image Online [Chrome]

Often you will come across online images that you need more information for. In some situations you want to find out what that particular image is all about, such as which celebrity a particular image is of. Other times, you are simply looking for similar images. Fortunately for Google Chrome users, these tasks can easily be completed by using a tool called Fast Image Research.

research images

Fast Image Research is a browser tool compatible with Google Chrome. The tool is basically an extension you install into Chrome. After installation, you will find a new “Research Image” option appear whenever you right-click an image on a webpage. Using this option will look up the image using Google and provide you relevant information such best guess, relevant results, and similar images.

fast image research

This nifty extension makes reverse image searches extremely simplified for Google Chrome users.


  • A user-friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Helps you find images similar to a certain image.
  • Helps in reverse image searches.
  • Similar tool:┬áImage Downloader.

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