Faveous: Aggregate content from social media in one place

If you consume content on the web, you are probably bogged down with the many interesting articles that you want to read. Fortunately, Faveous is a content aggregator and curating tool that combines all content coming from your favorite readers and social networks and places them on one elegant dashboard.

aggregate content social media

Once you have signed up and logged in, you only need to add your accounts to the website. Faveous does it seamlessly, using a step-by-step approach to ensure that you are signed into as many of your accounts as possible. The tool supports Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instapaper, with a lot more to come.

Faveous also acts as a bookmarking tool using the browser bookmarklet or Chrome extension. All pages added with Faveous will be integrated with all the other content that you have. In addition, all your “likes” in Facebook will be imported to Faveous. So if you have a video shared by your FB friends that you are meaning to watch, just click “like” to save it to Faveous for viewing later.

Faveous is currently in beta but you can get a free invite by signing and using PayWithATweet. Once you tweet about them, you will get the invite code instantly. This tool is perfect for the minimalist surfer who just has too many accounts.


  • Integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Instapaper, and YouTube.
  • Aggregate content from social media one dashboard.
  • Use bookmarklets and Chrome extension to add content manually.
  • Like your Facebook status and posts to add them to your dashboard.
  • Similar tools: Summify and Fanfeedr.

Check out Faveous @ www.faveous.com

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