FiestaCC: Effortless Mailing Lists

Sending emails to a group of friends and business contacts requires you to enter everybody’s email address in the “To” field of the email. Doing this each time you want to send an email to a group can take up a considerable amount of time. Here to help you save that time is a web service called FiestaCC.

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FiestaCC is a web service that makes it easier for a group of people to email one another. It works in an extremely simple way. Suppose you are sending an email to a group of high school friends. All you need to do is insert the friend’s email addresses in the “To” field of the email and add ‘’ to the “CC” field of the email. ‘highschool’ will then be the name of this particular list of contacts. Accordingly you can choose your own list name and CC the email to ‘’. When you send the email, any email your group sends to ‘’ will be automatically sent to all people in the group through FiestaCC – nobody will have to enter multiple addresses in the “To” field.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Provides one email address to send mails to everybody in a group.
  • Makes sending emails to groups more convenient.
  • Lets you create a custom list name.
  • Similar tool: CircleUp.

Check out FiestaCC @

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