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Free. That’s my favourite brand of anything! It’s probably your favourite too. You know what’s even better than plain old free stuff? Free stuff on YOUR BIRTHDAY! Around where I live, there are a couple restaurants that offer a free meal or dessert on your birthday. I know, they just want you and and fifty of your closest friends to eat there, so you get a big whopping bill, but hey, free sundae!

Silly restaurants assume that I have friends! Joke’s on them – I’m going to be there stuffing my face with their free food, listening to my custom birthday ringtone, and they’ll be losing money. Okay, that didn’t sound quite as loser-like when I thought it in my head, but now that I’ve put it on paper, I regret it.

Nevermind. The point is – free stuff on your birthday. It isn’t always easy to find, and sometimes it’s even harder to get, but I’m going to do my best to help you. You’ll learn about some websites that help keep track of these things and some businesses that have stellar free birthday promotions. Take a look around and see what kind of booty you can get. If you don’t mind being a little forward, you might want to create a wish list for your birthday with Toast and then share it with friends and family.


I’m starting off with my favourite site. At you can download a personalized Happy Birthday song. They sing a birthday song, with your name in it! It’s not just the traditional ‘Happy Birthday’ song either. The song has a woman and her dog wishing me a happy birthday, part of it was in Spanish too. I felt muy festivo! Where’s my margarita, doggie? You know this is going to be my ringtone on my birthday. I might just have the video looping on my laptop all day. Heck, I’m a sysadmin, I’ll have it looping on everyone’s computer all day.

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BirthdayDialer gives you the ability to set up a free birthday call to your friends and family. They answer the call, a friendly voice tells them it’s BirthdayDialer calling, and then plays them a great little birthday song. The free version is somewhat limited, but I still enjoyed it.

The free call is limited to the USA and Canada only. You can choose from eight different greetings, including the traditional ‘Happy Birthday’ song. I chose the One Year Older song by the Arrogant Worms (Canadians!).

The call quality was good, and the call came through within seconds of submitting the request, so this is a definite value! If you want to spring for the tokens to add features to your calls, it’s dirt cheap to do so. The more credits you buy, the lower the price per credit as well. They start at 25 cents per credit and go down to 10 cents per credit if you buy 120 of them. So for $12 you can make all sorts of custom birthday phone calls to your friends and family. I think that’s about the cost of two brand-name greeting cards in Canada these days. Make sure you don’t forget to send this on your friends birthday by using the Birthdays Android App.

Tokens allow you to schedule the call, set your phone number as the caller ID (so your friends are more likely to answer it, and they’ll know who to blame) and for different amounts of tokens you can call many places worldwide. Oh, and the tokens never expire. Unlike me. Someday I will have my last birthday. This is how I guilt you into doing something nice for me on my birthday.

Free Birthday Stuff


Here’s a blog that serves Canadians, so I have a natural inclination towards it. The link above points to the free birthday stuff by category page as that’s the most useful page.

What are you looking for? Dinner? Coupons? A gift? You can narrow it down here. Once you click on a link that interests you, you’ll find a blog entry with some more details about the offer and how to get it.

The entries are user-submitted and monitored. That means that sometimes an offer may be expired or inaccurate. If you find that the case, please let the folks at Free Birthday Stuff know.

Free Birthday Treats


Focused on the USA, this site is a directory of free things for your birthday, based on age, or if you’re a pet (I guess there should be free stuff for pets on their birthdays. My pets seem to think every day is their birthday). You can narrow down the selection by location (States and Canadian Provinces), category (Entertainment, Restaurant, Retail, or Travel), and offer type (All, Free, or Discount)

I wonder why businesses and restaurants in the USA are much more giving on birthdays than their Canadian locations? Isn’t that discrimination or something? Meh, I’ll get over it – it’s my birthday!

This site also gets its content from users and business making the offers, so again, things might not always be up to date. Play your part in this good thing by letting the publishers of the website know if there has been a change to an offer, or if you find a new one.

The Government

Depending on where you live and what milestone age you are turning, you may be able to get a letter or notice from a head of state. Canada’s Prime Minister may send greetings for your 65th birthday and up, whereas Queen Elizabeth may send greetings for your 100th birthday.

President Obama may send greetings to veterans turning 70 and other citizens turning 80. You can request these from your House Representative or Senator’s office. Check with your different government representatives such as Mayors, Governors General, Premiers, State Governor and so on to see what they offer. If you’re hitting a huge milestone like 100, they may even call or pay a visit. That’s pretty cool!

The Takeaway

Maybe these aren’t quite what you had in mind for your friends and family. If you’re a Mac user, you have the iPhoto app. Head on over to learn how to make special birthday gifts with it.

Nonetheless, birthday’s are a real time to celebrate. You’ve just survived another spin around the sun and have hopefully put many happy memories in your heart. You deserve a treat and I hope you have lots of friends and families that will treat you well on this occasion. Above all else, remember to treat yourself. You’re pretty cool and special. Recognize it.

Know of any other neat and fun free birthday treats you can get on the Internet? I’d love to hear about them in the comments. Consider it your gift to me!

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