First Look At The New Iphone Xr

This is me wipe it on I think we oughta change for wet no for when the display is in these designs of so incredible it comes initiation from ecologist why people call us and he don’t see two cameras on this side of there’s only one camera including there’s a platypus and probably a microphone in there as well and.

It’s honest it’s all similar to the iPhone.

5c back in 2013 and so you can play all your favorite songs and music etc on Apple music and play along to your favorite movies.

TV shows all that stuff and pink I’m not sure but you can probably record movies in time-lapse slo-mo and floppy in case I.

Think that’s what’s letting us for and you can also take your take camera I don’t know what else you can do overall I would really love to sign and I really love what I’ve seen right now but this doesn’t cost more than an iMac.

That’s the iPhone 10s 10s max.

Well this iPhone costs about it cost about seven hundred and forty nine pounds Tonia sixty four gigabytes but it.

Costs 899 1356 gigabytes but.

I really love the design of this car it’s a little bit larger than the idea of tennis I think this is a medium sized phone if you know I mean it’s medium.

Sized for exposure six different colors like I said the color and red and white in black.

Yellow I suppose but this is amazing I say this all looks incredible so what are you waiting for go to your local Apple store and buy the new iPhone set on.