First nationwide data shows stomach, colon, breast cancers most common in Japan

TOKYO: Japan’s National Cancer Center released the country’s very first data on cancer patients on Wednesday (Jun 29) and it highlighted the most common types and where they are most prevalent.

The overall diagnosis of cancer was highest among residents living near the Sea of Japan while the most common type of cancers were stomach, colon and breast cancers.

Men in the northern prefecture of Akita, reported the highest ratio of stomach and colon cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common type among women and Tokyo reported the highest ratio of that cancer.

The data also showed that the lowest death rate from cancer has been reported in Nagano in central Japan where the men reportedly have the highest average life span in the country.

The Health Ministry, on its website, attributed the situation in Nagano to a government-run program to appoint residents to take turns to become healthcare assistants, host dancing lessons and attend lectures on healthy lifestyles and the health hazards of smoking. There are also campaigns calling the public to go for …

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