Five Below Shopping!!! *cheap* Clothes, Hair Accessories, Jewelry & More Just $1 To $5

What’s up YouTube me me here coming at you from my channel bunny broody Gator you guys I’m back in five below and you have been requesting to see jewelry and shoes and clothes and of course I’m going to show you guys other new items that I have been finding brand-new for the week like lots of brand new squishies.

I know you guys want to see those there’s super slow rising so be sure to watch to the very end so you guys can see some of these.

Super cute squishies and other really cute items here.

In five below $5 and under you guys there’s lots of $1.

And lots of cute things for such a cheap price okay you guys we’re gonna go ahead and start with the jewelry because they have so many new items so any pretty packs of jewelry and you can get a.

Lot of earrings for $5 so right away I’m gonna show you guys these new feather earrings because they’re brand new and they’re only three dollars now you only get one pair.
Of earring on the pack or one pair of earrings on the pack they’re so cute.

I had to show them to you first okay whoo lots and lots of pretty chokers for $5 birdie got a patch of chokers last week it had five on.

A card they also have these rings look at this it’s like a pink holo whoo we have the little ears here.

The pom-pom ears I think these are three yeah these are only three dollars ooh look at these I’m wearing some ears today that I found in family dollar for just three dollars but Aarthi is.
Pretty I really like these they.

Even have the simple metal they have the hollow stars they have these that match the shoes ooh look at these pearly ones back here I don’t want to knock everything down but I am really loving these these are similar slightly.

Different oh that one’s missing a stone they have some really pretty ones up here too look at these I like those a lot I’m definitely going to be trying some on I might start with this pair I kind of love these okay some bows and some new earrings look at this we have a really really pretty iridescent bow if you love Jojo see WA or if you’re really into bows this one is super cute oh you guys guess what they.

Have new Jojo see what stuff in this week brand new stuff they have a whole section of nothing but new Jojo items woo these are pretty oh I like these little plastic ones – those are so cute and.

These have confetti in them oh I like those little iridescent flowers these are so cute the little dangly stars I like these little black ones – look at that they have scrunchies they have a headband down here a unicorn headband and this.

One that’s brand new the cat this is meow some fuzzy ones these kind of remind me of pipe cleaners if.

You’ve ever done any crafting you have watches for five dollars these are new I think it’s all just this style right here this is pretty heavy.

– oh I love these sort of necklaces are so pretty earrings six earrings for three.
Dollars raise more rings they even have some toe rings here I.

Love my little toe ring it’s just a basic silver toe ring and I’ve been wearing it so long it doesn’t even feel like I’m.

Wearing it anymore oh wow they have some really cute jewelry here this week ooh look at these I love those they look just silver from the side but look at them gone they’re really pretty and iridescent let’s head back here to the clothes and see if we have any new tees for the week besides that they definitely have a really nice selection of lounge.

Pants and PJ’s the Buffalo check the boys or the more like plaid and unisex prints and then I have a lot of really pretty girly prints here I really love the.

Panda the Panda and the cat a corn have to be my faves and all these shoes are 50% off so they would just be two dollars and fifty cents that’s a deal two dollars and 50 cents and they’re all just really lightweight canvas shoes okay let’s.

Come over here and see if we have any new tees for the week birdies wearing this one today girls can do anything she really likes it love what is this love love love with the cats that’s cute oh.

Look at the eyelashes the eyes that is so cute this cat is so cute look at that I think birdy might like that and then they have workout clothes over here too they’re suggesting $25 for this little bra let.

But it’s just five dollars here you.

Guys okay so we’re on the hunt.

For new things I did see a couple new things when I came in I saw the.

New Jojo area so I want to take you guys there next and then I saw the new squishies now they still have some clothes here some night wear some sleep clothes.

Some shorts and tanks those are really cute and just five dollars okay you guys they also have hex bugs in this week that.

Are brand new brand new for Christmas okay let’s see if I can find it I think I might have passed it maybe not ooh look you guys.

Alien costume accessories are 50% off this week 50% off and this is so pretty look okay so this is the new.

Jojo area I was telling you guys about.

They put everything right here and I’m definitely seeing some new bows for the week this one with the unicorn horn I think the white one is new the cat ears with the bows these are cute I think these.

Were up by the register last week look at the bows you guys two dollars for these the Jojo toothbrush it plays music and it lights up three dollars for this mini diary and pen set five dollars for the super big lip balms.

Follow your dreams huh even has the bow okay you guys let’s come over here and look at these new squishies I put my.

Camera down because I wanted to show you guys how slow rising these are and.

I wanted to push them for you in person look at this one you guys it’s a seashell.

And it’s colored really pretty like pink and gray this is the squish me brand I like the shell they also have this guy here the abominable snowman I think that’s how you say it does it be cute oh wow he is really really soft and squishy look at him he still is rising I really really like him and then up here we have sort of I guess it’s supposed to be a pineapple.

It kind of looks like it might be a succulent or a cactus I love cactus and succulents you guys know that about me but it kind of.

Looks like a pineapple or like a potted plant ooh it smells really good like that nice vanilla squishy scent this one I like that when we saw this next one we thought it was just a gray rock like a boring gray rock but then we looked at it and it’s supposed to be like a crystal like an amethyst look at that you guys it’s pretty slow right the pumpkin spice latte squishy that I.

Saw on their Instagram but I didn’t find any of them I’m thinking maybe they were sold.

Out but I did find this like and I really liked it too because it’s a really big squishy and it has this sort of pattern on the front or the top I have.

One more to share with you guys here and I think it’s really really cute I think.

Bunny birdie Gator or bunny birdie Gator or bunny birdie Gator but it’s not really super super slow rising but definitely the cutest birdie would say that these have booger eyes you know Kawai eyes we really like anything cute I show these to you guys on my laughs pie below video and I think they’re really cute but they’re not really really soft and slow rising but they are kind of squishy on the inside what did.

You guys think about the new squishy I really really liked them and I am actually a really big squishy fan myself I actually have my phone swishy collection Bertie and I sometime here in the near future are definitely gonna be doing another squishy haul because we still love squishies maybe in the next month or so because birdy and I.

Have some squishies that are gonna be sent our way we just have to wait a while for them I’m looking down this aisle you guys let’s see what else is new so I hope you guys enjoy today’s five below shop with me if you did please go ahead and hit thumbs up button share with me down in the comments below and.

If you haven’t yet hit that little button to subscribe we’ll all right you guys thank you so so much for watching bye.

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