Flight Control Is A Classic Game That Is Worth Going Back To [iOS]

flight control gameThe team at Firemint (now Firemonkeys) is best known for the Real Racing series, but the company has another release that is well worth checking out. Flight Control is not as big as Real Racing in terms of scope, it’s still an incredibly fun game that is an absolute joy to play, even if it might make you pull your hair out with rage once you reach the later levels.

In the Flight Control game, you play as an air traffic controller trying to guide your planes to safety. The gameplay is incredibly addictive, starting out simple and relaxing and soon becoming downright frantic as you progress. We’ve had it on our Best iPhone Games list for as long as we’ve had such a list.

Since the initial release back in the relatively early days of the App Store, the developers have continued to support the game with new content. Even if you’ve played it before it is definitely worth another look if you’ve not gone back in a while.


The objective of Flight Control is to safely guide your planes from where they enter the map to the matching color runway. As you land your fleet, additional planes start spawning and this is where it becomes incredibly hectic. You will often draw a path that looks safe, but as more planes come into view, you’ll have to adjust the path to avoid a collision. To make things crazier, different craft move at different speeds, so taking this into consideration is critical as you work through the levels.

flight control game

The controls in Flight Control are simple but effective. You simply touch the aircraft you want to move and draw a path to the runway with your finger. You can a draw straight line if the lane is open, or you can get creative and make a zigzag path to stall the plane’s arrival to the runway.

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flight control game app

There are plenty of levels in Flight Control, and each one changes the flow a great deal. Some levels only feature two kinds of runways, others feature more. As you might expect, more runways make things more challenging. There are even levels with extra elements such as lighting and planes that you cannot control.

flight control game app

Flight Control requires a large amount of strategy and thought to be successful, and the fact that most levels only take a minute or two makes it perfect for quick sessions. The better you are the longer the games will be, but even if you are incredibly skilled most runs do not last more than a few minutes.

Audio & Visuals

The graphics in Flight Control have a cartoonish style, visuals that work incredibly well for a game of this type. Everything is sharp, whether playing on an older iOS device or a new iPhone or iPad with a Retina display. While not as stunning as Real Racing, it’s clear that Firemint took the time to make this game easy on the eyes.

flight control game app

The music is enjoyable, and it fits well with the theme of the game. If the developers were aiming to create an old-school flight experience, the music goes a long way to solidifying the theme. The sound effects actually add to the experience by providing an audible warning when the planes are facing a possible midair collision. Playing without sound in Flight Control puts you at a serious disadvantage, so I would highly recommend listening as you play.

Game Life

There are a total of six levels in Flight Control, and each is quite different, so there is plenty of enjoyment to be had. In addition, the gameplay lends itself well to playing for a long time, as coming back and trying to beat your best score is quite addictive.

flight control game

Achievements will keep you coming back for more as will the stats screen which keeps you updated with exactly how you are doing in the game. Social features go even further to extending the life, as you can compete with your friends for the best scores over Twitter and Facebook.


Flight Control has been on the App Store for a long time now, and it’s still one of my favorite games. It’s perfectly suited to quick sessions when you want to jump in and have some fun and move on with your day. That being said, the addictive gameplay will keep you playing for some time so even if quick sessions are not your thing, the Flight Control game has you covered.

Download: Flight Control for iPhone & iPod Touch ($0.99) / Flight Control HD for iPad ($5.49)

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