FlockDraw: Online Collaborative Sketching & Drawing

FlockDraw is a simple but elegant collaborative sketching online app which lets you draw, share and collaborate on freehand sketches and diagrams. The simplicity of the tool is what makes it worth using. Just hit ‘start drawing’ and you are presented with a whiteboard which has a URL that could be easily shared with others (no sign up required).

collaborative sketching

On the right hand side of the board you have drawing tools. There aren’t any complex tools. Just the ones that help you make a basic drawing – brush, text, line etc. The site plans to introduce embed and save the drawings as images features soon. Overall, a nice drawing tool to play with.

collaborative sketching online


  • Simple online drawing and sketching tool.
  • Share and collaborate on the drawings.
  • Set of basic drawing tools available.
  • No sign up required.
  • Similar sites: SwarmSketch, Scribbls, Imaginationcubed and more.

Check out FlockDraw @ www.flockdraw.com

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