F***Lorem: Generate meaningful placeholder text for your site

If you are looking for dummy text for your website, you’ll probably start looking at some Lorem Ipsum generators. However, while their seeming randomness and uniformity is nice to have, they can be pretty boring. If you’re looking for something different, F*** Lorem Ipsum is a nice dummy generator that lets you generate placeholder text that actually means something.

generate placeholder text

To generate meaningful dummy text, click on the different filters where you want your text to be sourced from. You can choose between TV comedy, dramas, kids show, and other scripts. You can also choose the format of the text such as <p>, <br /> and linked text. Choose the number of paragraphs to determine the length of your dummy text then click “Reload”. This will give you a nice sample of dummy text that you can use for your website.

F*** Lorem Ipsum is a nice tool to have if you want to have more meaningful elements than the usual fake Latin texts. This is also very useful if you want to generate random TV scripts.


  • Free; no sign up is required.
  • Generate random text for TV scripts.
  • Generate text with HTML tags.
  • Set number of paragraphs for dummy text.
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Check out F***Lorem @ www.fucklorem.com

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