FlyOnDesktop: Prank Your Friends by Creating Virtual Flies On Their Desktop

April Fool’s is not the only day of the year when you are allowed to pull pranks on your friends. If you are looking for something that will confuse your friends while they use their computers, check out the brilliant prank app called FlyOnDesktop.

prank your friends

FlyOnDesktop is a desktop app for Windows operating systems. The app produces virtual flies on your screen that move about, creating the impression that there really are flies on the monitor’s screen. The app comes in a ZIP archive sized at 650KB and contains an EXE setup file that installs easily.

While the app runs you can access its settings from its System Tray icon; from the settings you can set the default number of flies, keep them on top of all other windows, and launch the app on startup.

desktop flies

Flies can also be added while the program is running. Just right-click on the app’s System Tray icon to add or remove flies.



  • A user-friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with Windows systems.
  • Creates .
  • Places flies on top of other windows.
  • Lets you select the number of flies.
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